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What does the ad for my business on Yelp look like?

Yelp runs a variety of ads, including a review ad, a specialties ad, and Request a Quote ads. For review ads, we take a snippet from a 4 or 5 star review on your page and run that. For specialties ads, we take up to the first 200 characters from your Specialties portion of the Business Information section of Yelp for Business. Your ads appear in a variety of places on Yelp’s web and mobile platforms, including on search result pages and competitor pages.

You can also decide to customize your ad by choosing a photo and either selecting a review or providing custom text that will be featured in your ad, if you are an advertiser with less than 10 locations. If you're not sure what content to use, you may also opt to employ a machine learning process that will select which content will be most impactful. View our blog post on Custom Ads for more information.

To customize your ad

  1. Go to the Yelp Ads section of Yelp for Business
  2. Click the Customize Ad button
  3. Pick a review and photo yourself, or let Yelp’s machine learning process pick for you
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