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What is Yelp Waitlist?

Yelp Waitlist is a waitlist management solution to help customers have a better experience dining out, and help restaurants maximize the number of seated diners and revenue.

Yelp Waitlist allows customers to see live wait times, add themselves to the waitlist remotely via smartphone, track their place on the list and receive a text when a table is ready. This reduces wait times for customers and helps prevent restaurants from losing diners to long waits.

If you’re interested in offering Yelp Waitlist at your restaurant, you can request a free demo and learn more on: https://restaurants.yelp.com/products/yelp-guest-manager/

If you’re interested in using Yelp Waitlist to join a restaurant’s waitlist remotely when eating out, learn more here: How can I use Yelp Waitlist to get in line remotely?