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What is the Verified License badge?

Please note that Verified License is currently only available in certain categories in the U.S., British Columbia and Ontario.

The Verified License badge is a blue shield-shaped badge located next to the business name on some business pages on Yelp. When a business has a Verified License badge, it means that our team of moderators has checked that business’s trade license and confirmed that it was in good standing as of the date we checked it. Users can click or tap through to see details about the license and issuing authority.

As Verified License is a paid feature available to businesses in certain categories and regions, not having a Verified License badge could mean that the business has not chosen to purchase this feature, or that they’re in an area or category where it’s not offered.

The Verified License program was created to help consumers easily find businesses with valid trade licenses and make it easier for consumers to make a safe and confident decision when choosing a business for one of their projects. Also, businesses with the badge can show prospective customers that they are licensed and stand out from unlicensed businesses by evoking more trust. Our findings show that licensed businesses see a 24% increase in leads.

Business owners interested in joining the Verified License program can learn more in our Verified License FAQ for business owners.