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What is the Yelp Audience Network?

The Yelp Audience Network is a way for Yelp advertisers to reach Yelp users in more places by increasing your online exposure and getting more ad clicks outside of Yelp properties. With the Yelp Audience Network, ads for your business can now be shown to Yelp users on a large collection of third-party sites such as Business Insider, The Washington Post, Daily Mail, New York Post and others. 

How this adds value to you

A consumer’s journey to find the right business for them can sometimes span over multiple steps. For example, a consumer could search for “plumbing” on Yelp, but only decide to connect with a plumber later that day or week.

The Yelp Audience Network allows you to continue to reach your audience through all the other sites they use daily, so that when they do decide to connect with a business, they are likely to choose yours.

How it works

After someone searches on Yelp, they might see a Yelp Ad related to the search term when they check another website later that day. For example, if someone searched for “plumbing”, they could see a Yelp Ad for a plumber when they are browsing a different website like The Washington Post later.

These Yelp Ads are visually similar to on-Yelp ads, and use your Yelp page content to auto-generate ad creatives. When the user clicks on a Yelp Audience Network ad, it directs them to your Yelp business page, where they can further interact with your business. Just like your on-Yelp ads, you are only charged when a user clicks on your Yelp Audience Network ad.

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Yelp automatically generates multiple versions of these ad creatives to adapt for multiple ad placements across desktop, mobile, and in-app experiences.

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Example of various Yelp Audience Network ads in different formats
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Example of various ad placements on third-party sites

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I take advantage of Yelp Audience Network?

Yelp will automatically optimize your advertising budget between on-Yelp ad delivery and Yelp Audience Network ad delivery to maximize the value you get from your advertising. You do not have to do anything to take full advantage of the Yelp Audience Network offering.

2. Where do Yelp Audience Network ads show up?

Yelp works with a variety of third-party sites to determine where and when ads make the most sense to show. We optimize for the highest performing sites for your business; examples of these types of sites are places like Business Insider and The Washington Post.

3. How can I tell how my Yelp Audience Network ads are doing?

If you receive clicks through the Yelp Audience Network, you’ll see an updated dropdown that is accessible through the Yelp Ads page of your Ads dashboard. Once you click on “See details” on any of the ads performance visualizations, you will be able to filter to a view of your ads performance that is either on-Yelp Ads only, Yelp Audience Network Ads only, or a combined view of both.

Note that ads off of Yelp typically have more impressions (which increases your overall reach) and lower click through rate because of how consumers typically engage with ads on these websites. You will only be charged when a user decides to click on one of your ads.

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