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What is the difference between Request A Quote and Nearby Jobs?

The Request a Quote feature allows Yelp users to easily message a business or multiple businesses in order to compare different offerings on Yelp.

When a Yelp user is open to receiving quotes from multiple businesses for their project, the Request A Quote message can enter the Nearby Jobs feed where other businesses in the area can respond to the request. Nearby Jobs allows businesses to browse a feed of available jobs in their area for free, and they pay for the jobs they choose to respond to.

Please note that you can have the Request a Quote and Nearby Jobs feature enabled at the same time for your business. Request A Quotes appear directly in your "My Leads" section within the Inbox while Nearby Jobs will appear in the "Nearby Jobs" section, until you reply to them. Nearby Jobs you have replied to will move into your "My Leads" section. 

Disabling messaging on your Business Account only disables users from being able to contact your business directly and doesn’t affect your ability to see the available Nearby Jobs in your area.

You can read more about how Nearby Jobs works by visiting our frequently asked questions page.  

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