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What’s the best way to search for something on Yelp?

You can find almost any type of local business on Yelp. Use the search bar near the top of your screen to search for key terms (e.g., burger, plumber, delivery/take-out or the name of a specific business). Use the location bar to set the geographic region you want to search (e.g., city, neighborhood or your current location).

You’ll see some suggested filtering options above your results, which allow you to fine-tune your search results based on factors like price, hours, and the ability to transact with a business through Yelp (please note that we may be compensated for helping you transact with those businesses). You can see additional filtering options by clicking All Filters (website) or tapping the Filter icon in the search bar (Android/iPhone). You can also use filters to sort your results in different ways.

You can also manually change the geographic area you are searching using the map:

On Yelp.com

  1. Click and drag the map to move the area, or zoom in/out to change the range
  2. Click Redo Search in Map

If you're using an iPhone/Android

  1. Tap the map icon in the upper right corner
  2. Pinch to zoom, or drag to move the map
  3. Tap Redo Search In This Area
  4. For more information on the individual search results, choose a map pin or scroll down to see a list of search results