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What settings am I able to customize under the Customization tab in Yelp Guest Manager?

Please note that you can't customize the Customization tab iPad app – these can only be created on the full site at https://restaurants.yelp.com/.

The Customization tab allows you to customize settings such as floor map editor and app settings. 

To navigate to the Customization tab

  1. Log in to your Yelp Guest Manager account at restaurants.yelp.com
  2. Click on Customization 
  3. Under the Text Messages tab you have the ability to view the text message templates your guests are receiving. Note: If you would like to customize any of these text messages please contact the Yelp Guest Manager Support team
  4. Under the App Settings tab you have the ability to customize the seating areas and speed keys
  5. Under the Floormap Editor tab you have the ability to customize a current floor plan or create an entirely new floor plan. Steps on making edits to your current floor plan can be found separately.