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What should I post with Yelp Connect?

Yelp Connect gives you an opportunity to tell Yelpers more about what makes your restaurant special right on your Yelp page by highlighting the unique features of your business that you want customers to know. Additionally, you can highlight upcoming events, limited time offers, and other timely content to keep your customers in the know.

Examples of Update Posts include:

  • Holiday Events and Hours
  • New Delivery Options
  • New Menu Release/New Menu Addition

Examples of Event Posts include:

  • Limited time dishes or offers
  • Live music shows
  • Unique events hosted at the restaurant

Examples of Ongoing Posts include:

  • Highlighting restaurant specialties like a brunch menu or specific dishes
  • Popular dishes
  • Special options like vegan, vegetarian, or gluten free dishes
  • History: tell your restaurant’s story, including its history and how it started
  • Weekly deals like half-price burgers Monday, Taco Tuesday, etc.
You don’t need to post every day to get value from Yelp Connect. Yelp automatically promotes your posts to your business’s followers based on the post content. We make sure to promote Event and Update Posts to your followers to make sure they’re seen before the event and while the update is still fresh.

We recommend building a set of posts once a month, so any upcoming events will be scheduled and you have the opportunity to add new content. Of course, if you have a last minute event or a new menu addition pop up, jump in and make a post right away!