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When will I pay for Yelp products?

When you buy Yelp products (such as Yelp Ads or Page Upgrades), you aren’t charged for the purchase immediately. 

Here’s when you can expect to be charged:

        •  On your monthly billing date, and
        •  Anytime you reach your billing threshold

A billing threshold is an amount of advertising spend that triggers Yelp to charge your debit or credit card. For example, if you purchase $450 in ads for a month, you may be charged after $100 worth of advertising if that’s the billing threshold that we’ve set for you. In a given month, you may trigger a billing threshold once, multiple times, or no times. The rest of your purchase will then be charged on your monthly billing date. As you make successful payments, your threshold may increase.

To find out if you have a billing threshold and how high it currently is, please visit the Billing page after you complete your purchase. If you have a billing threshold, you will see it next to your upcoming bill date.

billing summary
In this example, the next billing threshold is $100