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Where does Yelp get health score information?

Yelp displays health score information through partnerships with local governments and by working with third-party partners that collect public data from local health departments, such as Hazel Analytics. We think consumers have a right to have easy access to this important public health information and believe this program has a positive impact on the overall health scores for restaurants in local communities. Local health departments regularly inspect restaurants to ensure food safety, and although this information is already public it’s often hard to find online or not available until a customer arrives at a restaurant. Encouraging underperforming restaurants and food businesses to improve and raise the bar overall for the community means less health issues and foodborne illness for consumers, and hopefully, increased local spending. Health score information is displayed regardless if the business is claimed or has purchased advertising or other services from Yelp.

In jurisdictions where we display a score computed by a third-party partner, scores are calculated relative to other restaurants in the area. Learn more by visiting Hazel Analytics’ FAQ page.

If your score is incorrect, please contact us at healthscores-support@yelp.com or our third-party partners. To view our third-party partners' contact information, click or tap on the Health Score link from the Yelp business page where you'll find an email or website link.

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