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Why are there other businesses and competitors shown on my business page?

There are a few features we use to show other relevant businesses to users on your page, all aimed at enhancing the user experience:


Yelp has advertising programs that allow businesses to display their pages on search results and on related business pages. This is meant to enhance the user experience by suggesting relevant businesses that Yelp's users may not have previously considered. Yelp also offers programs that will remove competitor ads from your Yelp business page.
If you are interested, you can read more about Yelp's advertising programs.

"People also viewed"

This section aims to enhance the user experience by displaying additional businesses that users on the page have also viewed. This feature is located on the righthand side of most business pages on Yelp. It’s important to note that the businesses displayed in this section cannot be manually adjusted.

"Best of Yelp"

"Best of Yelp" primarily appears on the Yelp homepage, but is also sometimes at the bottom of business pages. Just like "Other great stuff nearby," it's designed to help Yelpers by suggesting highly rated businesses by category. The businesses displayed here are determined by a number of factors, including overall star rating, and they cannot be manually adjusted.