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Why am I being notified that my business’s website is "potentially unsafe"?

Yelp has protective measures in place to minimize our community’s interactions with potentially harmful websites. We employ Google’s Safe Browsing service to help us keep users safe from sites containing malware, phishing, and other harmful content. When the service identifies a site as potentially unsafe, you won't be able to add that web address to your Yelp business page. This service is commonly used in browsers such as Chrome to warn users about potentially dangerous sites or apps.

If you are a business owner and you've received an error message when attempting to add a web address to your Yelp business page, or received notification that your website is potentially unsafe, we advise you to clean your website of any malicious content, then request a website review from the Google Safe Browsing team to ask that your website be removed from its advisory list.

To check whether your website is identified as potentially unsafe, search the Google Safe Browsing directory. If you've received notification on Yelp that your website is listed as potentially harmful, but you don’t see it listed as such in the Google Safe Browsing directory, please contact Yelp’s support team for assistance.