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What is Yelp's Elite Squad?

Please note that we currently offer Official Yelp Events in the US and Canada only.

The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community and role models on and off the Yelp site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality photos, a detailed personal profile, and a history of playing well with others.

Members of this influential and diverse community of writers, photographers, and adventurers are bestowed with a colorful Elite badge on their Yelp profile. After being Elite for 5 years, members receive a Gold Elite Badge; after 10 years, they receive the coveted Black Elite Badge!

In addition to receiving a shiny badge, members are also invited to attend exclusive events with other locals in the community. These behind-the-scenes looks at top-rated businesses often include interacting with the business owners and hearing their unique stories. From cocktails on boats to playdates with penguins, there are all kinds of experiences to check out.

The Yelp Elite Squad is a yearly program. Members must comply with our Terms of ServiceContent Guidelines, and Elite Terms of Membership. Those who run afoul of these rules or otherwise besmirch the Elite Squad's reputation may have their membership revoked.

If you love interacting with great local businesses and discovering the best your city has to offer, we encourage you to nominate yourself for the Yelp Elite Squad! You can also nominate friends who want in on the fun. To learn more, visit the Yelp Elite Squad page.