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Will Yelp remove my business page if my business is in a highly regulated industry?

Please note that we currently offer Yelp Advertising for the U.S. and Canada only.

Some businesses are regulated more heavily than others, including regulations that affect how they advertise or solicit business. Generally, however, these regulations only apply to the businesses themselves and not consumers. As a result, these kinds of businesses can continue to be listed on Yelp so that consumers can find and share information about them.

In most cases, regulated businesses can interact with consumers on Yelp in the same way that any other business can (e.g., sending private messages to reviewers or posting public responses which don't betray private information about the reviewer).

If you have specific questions about whether your business is allowed to advertise on sites like Yelp, we suggest contacting your local industry group. Otherwise, feel free to contact a Yelp sales representative to find out if we sell advertising in your category of interest.