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How do I close my account?


Closing your user account will remove any content you've posted (reviews, photos, etc.) to Yelp as a consumer, and once your account has been closed it cannot be restored. If you'd like to close your user account, please submit an account closure request.

Business Owners

If you're a business owner and you no longer need access to a business page that you've claimed, you can unclaim the page or close your business account. However, keep in mind that closing a business account does not remove the business page from Yelp (we generally don’t remove business pages).

If you're a current advertiser, you'll need to contact our Customer Success Team before canceling ads or closing your account on Yelp for Business.

Account Deletion

Closing your account removes certain public-facing information from Yelp. You may also request deletion of data associated with your account, in addition to closing it. If you'd like to make such a request, please send it to dataprotection@yelp.com.