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How do I embed or share Yelp content on another website?

Yelpers, business owners, media, or anyone else can share direct links to reviews or photos or directly embed any recommended Yelp review on their website with just a few clicks. When doing so, please keep our Brand Guidelines in mind.

Instructions for:

Embedding a review

Embedding a review provides a great alternative to posting a screenshot of a review or pasting review text into your website. With an embedded review, the business’s rating and review count stays up to date and it's easier to click over for more information. 

  1. Find the review on the desktop site (Yelp.com only)
  2. Click on the More Options button (the three dots) 
  3. Click Embed review
  4. Copy the embedding code
  5. Paste the code into your website where necessary
Please note that you can only find the "Embed review" option when viewing a business page on Yelp.com – it's not available in the Yelp app, the Yelp for Business Website, or the Yelp for Business app. Embedding photos is also currently not offered, but you can share direct links to photos instead.

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Sharing content links

  • To share a link to a review, click or tap on the Overflow button (3 dots) then Share Review. You can also share reviews you’ve written as links or post them to third party sites.
  • To share a photo, click or tap the Share button (square icon with arrow pointing up) then choose where or with whom you would like to share your photo.

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