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What does it mean to follow another user?

If you choose to follow another user on Yelp, their reviews and other contributions (not including Check-Ins) will be listed under the Following tab of your Recent Activity feed on the Yelp home page, as well as in the Activity tab on the Yelp app. You'll also see their reviews listed first in the default sort order on business pages (Yelp Sort).
Once you follow a user, they will receive a notification that you are following them. You will also show up in their list of followers, and we will show who you are following on your own profile for other Yelpers to see. This enables others to rely on your impeccable taste to learn about these great reviewers! 

To follow a user from their profile page

  1. Log in to your user account
  2. Find the user's profile page
  3. Click Follow This Reviewer

To follow a user from a review

  1. Log in to your user account
  2. Find a review that person has written
  3. Hover over their review and click Follow
To stop following a user, you can go to the user's profile page and click Stop Following. Although you cannot block someone from following you or your content on Yelp (since your posts to Yelp are made public by default), you can block a follower from contacting you on Yelp.