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What if I'm offered a freebie in exchange for my review?

Please don't write a review in exchange for free or discounted goods or services (like a free drink from your local watering hole or a discount on an oil change). As a reminder, accepting any form of compensation - including discounts, freebies, refunds, gift cards, contest entries, offers or deals - in exchange for posting or removing a review violates Yelp’s Terms of Service and could result in the closure of your Yelp account. 

That said, if you receive a free drink, discount or complimentary item for another reason (for example, because your order was late, or you just luck into it unprompted), by all means enjoy the gift, but be sure to mention the perk when writing your review.

Bloggers, Influencers and Yelp Elites should keep in mind additional guidelines that apply to them, including not reviewing a business if they received complimentary or discounted goods or services from the business, or otherwise received special treatment, on account of their blogger, influencer or Yelp Elite status (e.g., special event invites, invitations to try out a restaurant, or marketing trades).

If you think someone may have violated this guideline, please read more about conflicts of interest and when you should report a review.