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What is a claimed business?

A claimed business page is one that has been claimed by the owner or representative of the business through our verification process. Claiming is free, and a claimed page does not mean that the business is an advertiser with Yelp.

Why should business owners claim their business pages?

By claiming business pages, business owners gain access to a suite of free tools to showcase their businesses on Yelp. With claimed business pages, they can:
  • Respond to reviews with a direct message or comment
  • Reply to messages or quote requests from potential customers
  • Track User Views and Customer Leads Yelp generates for their businesses
  • Upload and manage photos
  • Update business information like address, phone number, opening hours, website, and other critical business information
  • Add further information to the page, like a business owner biography, specialties, and more
A claimed business page does not mean the business is a Yelp advertiser, but a business must claim its page in order to advertise with Yelp.

Does it cost anything to claim a business page?

No, it's completely free to claim a business page on Yelp.

Are you a business owner or manager interested in claiming your business?

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