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What are Photo Suggestions?

Some smartphone cameras add date, time and location information to the photos that you take. To make it easier to upload photos to Yelp, when you allow Yelp to access photos on your smartphone, we will use this information to suggest photos to upload that we think were taken at local businesses. You can choose to post any of the photos that Yelp suggests, or select photos yourself from your general photo album. Yelp does not upload or store your photos’ date, time, or location information when making photo suggestions; however, if you choose to upload any photos to Yelp, such information will be uploaded and stored with the photos you select.

If you’d like to disable Photo Suggestions, you can change your Photo (for iOS) or Storage (for Android) settings in the app permissions for Yelp in your phone’s general settings. Please note that you won’t be able to upload any photos to Yelp if you don’t allow Yelp to access your Photos.