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What is an Official Yelp Event?

Please note that we currently offer Official Yelp Events and support from Community Managers and Ambassadors for US and Canada only.

Official Yelp Events are events planned by your local Community Manager (referred to as Community Ambassadors in some communities), aka your on-the ground Yelp representatives. These events are a great place to mingle with other Yelpers, connect with local vendors and businesses, and maybe even land some awesome Yelp swag!

There are several types of Official Yelp Events:
  • Elite Events are special gatherings open only to Yelp Elite Squad members (and in some instances, their guests).
  • Community Events are open to the broader Yelp community. Anyone with a Yelp account may RSVP.
  • About once a year, Community Managers host a Yelper Party, which is a larger event that highlights numerous awesome local businesses.  Anyone with a Yelp account may RSVP; however, only Yelpers who make it onto the official event guest list and receive an event confirmation from Yelp will be able to attend.
You can check out any upcoming Official Yelp Events on the Events page.

Official Yelp Events have a separate business listing on Yelp where guests can review and post photos of the event. We welcome honest feedback about our events, but it's never mandatory to write a review of an event. Because Official Yelp Events do not represent a typical consumer experience, if you do choose to post reviews or photos of an Official Yelp Event, be sure to post them on the event’s business listing, and not the business listing of the businesses that hosted or participated in the event.