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What is an Official Yelp Event?

Official Yelp Events are planned by your local Community Manager or Ambassador. These are the place to mingle with other Yelpers, connect with local vendors and businesses, and maybe even land some awesome Yelp swag!

There are several types of Official Yelp Events:
  • A Community Manager Yelp Event (CMYE) is a small scale event held at a local business, and anyone with a Yelp profile can attend.
  • A Yelper Party is a large-scale private event open to the entire Yelp community that is held at a venue with several businesses hosting as vendors.
  • Yelp Elite Events are exclusive private events only available to Elites, and can only be seen on the private Elite calendar.

You can check out any upcoming Official Yelp Events under the Event Spotlight in the Events section.

Please note that we want to encourage honest, unsolicited feedback so it's never mandatory to write a review of the event. To reflect the fact that CMYEs, Elite Events and Yelper Parties are events that may not represent a typical experience, if you do please post any reviews, photos, or tips of the event on the business page for the event itself, rather than the page for the business that's doing the hosting.