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How can we help?

How do I contact Yelp?

The Support Center contains answers to our most frequently asked questions, and is a self-serve database so you can quickly resolve any issues by searching or navigating from the home page here. However, some of the more common areas where Yelpers and business owners may need to report issues, suggest changes, or reach out for further support include:

Reporting Questionable Content

You can let our moderators know about a review or photo that may fall outside of Yelp’s Content Guidelines by reporting the content in question.

Updating Business Page Information

You can let our moderators know that the information we have listed for a business is inaccurate or out-of-date by suggesting edits to the business page.

Yelp Deals & Gift Certificates

For Yelpers: get help with buying and redeeming Yelp Deals & Gift Certificates, and learn where to turn with any problems. 
For Business Owners: get help with creating a deal, adding restrictions, and receiving payment for vouchers sold.

Food Delivery & Online Ordering

Questions about food ordering, reservations, or other products ordered through Yelp are generally best answered by the business offering those products or the delivery service directly. We include some answers to commonly asked questions in the Support Center as well.