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What are the guidelines for general business information?

Below are some general pointers for updating a business page according to our standards regarding: Please keep in mind there may be exceptions to our guidelines, but our moderators will reject any updates they’re unable to verify. There are also a number of style conventions we follow, and if submissions are verified but incorrectly formatted, we may update them to fit our standards.


Names should be succinct and reflect how an average person would refer to the business. For example, store numbers should not be used (such as ”7-Eleven #415”), and we try to avoid keywords, tag lines, or other information that's available elsewhere on the business page, such as neighborhoods or categories. 


Categories should be as specific as possible and describe the primary activities of the business rather than the entire scope of the business' activity. We allow a maximum of three categories, but businesses can appear in search results for more (e.g. a restaurant under the “Italian” category will still appear in a search for the broader category, "Restaurant”). However, categories that aren't fully represented by a business' offering may be rejected, even if the business currently has less than three.

We also add new categories to Yelp every quarter - this is the current list.  If you believe that a business page is in the wrong category or needs to be updated with a new one, please suggest changes to the business page.

Phone Number

The phone number on a business page should be a direct local phone number where available. We don't provide a field for extensions and avoid listing numbers for national call centers. We may not accept cell phone numbers (especially for unclaimed businesses) or tracking numbers for 3rd parties.


The website address field on a business page is intended to direct Yelp users to the business's website. It is not intended to direct Yelp users to directories, social media sites or other third party websites. If a business doesn't have their own website, this field should be left blank.

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Address / Map Marker

Business pages on Yelp are for individual/separate locations of any given business, and a full address is required to be in our directory. There may be exceptions for certain businesses that lack address info (generally local service providers, such as plumbers or dog-walkers), however, these pages require a ZIP code or service area. Residential addresses are discouraged in these cases, unless the business desires to have this public.

If you think a business page has the wrong address, please search in the area and make sure that the location you are looking for is not already in our directory. If you have questions concerning closures, moves, renovations, etc., read about substantial business changes

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The hours submitted for a business should display the normal operating hours in any given week. These should be in line with what’s reflected on the business' website or otherwise known (printed on a storefront window, menu, flyer, etc.).

If a business is open 24 hrs, business owners can select this in the hours section when suggesting an update from Yelp for Business and mark it as an attribute. Yelpers can let us know by including it in the notes field when suggesting changes to the business page.

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