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How do I report a user account?

Yelp users should not create multiple accounts, use their account for commercial or promotional purposes, harass other Yelp members, impersonate other individuals, post offensive or irrelevant content, or post content that is not their own - you can read more about our policies in our Terms of Service.

If you notice specific content that may be in violation of Yelp's Content Guidelines, including reviews, photos, direct messages, or Talk posts, you can let our moderators know about that specific content by reporting it.

If you come across a questionable user whose bad behavior goes beyond an individual review, please report the account.

From yelp.com, you can click Report this profile below their user information.

Report this profile link to the left of user profile

From the iPhone app, you can report a profile by finding the user in question, tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner and then tapping Report.

Please note that reporting user profiles is currently not available for Android; Android users need to log in to the full site at www.yelp.com.