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How do I report content that violates Yelp's Content Guidelines or Terms of Service?

We remove user-posted content when we determine it violates our Content Guidelines.

If you see content that you believe violates our guidelines, please report it using the appropriate link from the list below (you will need to be logged into your Yelp account to report a potential violation). 
Our moderators carefully check all reported content against our Content Guidelines, we’ll remove it and notify the poster. If you've already reported something and have questions about the response you received, please contact our Support team.

Our recommendation software also automatically evaluates reviews and may separately determine that a review isn't useful or reliable enough to include among the recommended reviews for that business.
If a business representative wants to clarify or address something specific in one of their reviews, we recommend that they respond to the review publicly or via direct message (by logging into their Yelp for Business account), similar to the way they would respond to any customer complaint or issue regardless of the channel.